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Surrey Police suspicious activity portal – how you can help us catch burglars

Surrey Police is introducing a new website portal which enables members of the public to upload home CCTV, smart doorbell, or dash cam footage to us, which shows someone acting suspiciously.

We are asking you to be the eyes and ears of our community by submitting this footage as they could be connected to thefts and burglaries in the area.

The portal is for circumstances where no crime has been reported, but the suspicious behaviour could potentially be related to a burglary, theft of a vehicle, or catalytic converter, for example. A different “one-off” link is provided to victims and witnesses when a burglary has occurred.

Examples of suspicious behaviour could be someone lurking around on your driveway, looking in your car and trying the handles, or conducting occupancy checks prior to a burglary.

We understand that sometimes this type of footage might get uploaded to community groups on social media, but sending the footage to us will help us to identify offenders operating in the area and will potentially link individuals to offences which have occurred.

Although realistically we may not be able to identify every person in a piece of footage, especially if they have a face covering, every clip feeds into our understanding of the bigger burglary picture in your area. In the long-term we hope that this initiative will help us reduce the number of burglary offences and provide reassurance to residents. 

How to share your footage with us:

To share your footage, you will need to select which borough the footage was captured in from a list on our website link below. Once you have selected the relevant borough you will be redirected to a ‘NICE Investigate page’. There are some boxes you are required to complete, including your name, what you think the footage shows, the location of the incident, and at the bottom you can then upload your files. The website works from a desktop or mobile.

To find out more about the portal and submit your footage visit this link.

You can also pass information via the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If you believe you have been a victim of crime, please report it to us using the online reporting tool via the Surrey Police website. In an emergency always call 999. 

Published via Surrey Police In the Know on Monday 22nd May 2023