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Have your say – Surrey Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Why your views matter

Surrey County Council (SCC) is responsible for around 2164 miles (3482 km) of public rights of way across Surrey. These paths are both in the countryside and urban areas. They are important for enjoying and exploring, for travelling to work or school and for health and wellbeing. They are part of what makes Surrey a special place to live, work and enjoy.

A public right of way is a path that anyone, by law, has the right to use. There are four types:

Every council that is responsible for public rights of way must have a Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP). This sets out how public rights of way meet the needs of the public, now and in the future. SCC’s current Rights of Way Improvement Plan dates from 2014 and needs to be reviewed.

Why your views matter to Surrey County Council

Your views will help SCC make sure that its new Rights of Way Improvement Plan meets the needs of everyone in Surrey.

If you use public rights of way, SCC would like to know about your experience and how important they are for you.

If you don’t use public rights of way, SCC would like to know what prevents you and what, if anything, we can do to support you in using them.

Your feedback will help to develop the priorities and actions of the new Rights of Way Improvement Plan, which will be produced in 2024. Once the new Rights of Way Improvement Plan has been finalised and approved by SCC it will be published on SCC’s website.

The SCC Countryside Access Team asks you to complete the public survey before the 10th March 2024 deadline.


SCC has two consultations underway – this one which asks individuals to express their views and a separate questionnaire that has been issued to parish councils. Buckland Parish Council completed the parish council questionnaire when it met on 8th January 2024 and hopes its residents will now make the effort to have their say by completing the public questionnaire.