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New Local Plan – Have your say – closing date 23rd April 2024

Future Mole Valley is the name Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has given to its new Local Plan; a policy that will (once complete) set out plans for development across Mole Valley for the period 2022-2037, include targets for delivering new homes, identify locations for development and set out the areas which will continue to be protected.

Local Plan – Latest News – Consultation on changes to the Local Plan the Inspector considers are required to make it compliant with relevant government policy opened on 1st March 2024

When MVDC met on Thursday 25th January 2024, MVDC decided to progress with the examination of the draft Local Plan as originally submitted for examination to the government appointed Inspector. On Friday 26th January 2024, MVDC advised it would write to the Inspector to inform her of the decision to progress and anticipated she would advise MVDC to undertake a consultation, on her behalf, into changes to the plan that she thinks are required to make it compliant with relevant government policy.

The consultation on the Main Modifications and Council Note 35 opened on Friday 1st March 2024 and will close at 5pm on Tuesday 23rd April. For full details on the consultation please visit the Main Modifications & Council Note 35 Consultation  page of the Future Mole Valley website.

If you have moved to the village since autumn 2017, or feel you would like to refresh your understanding as to how the development of a new Local Plan has evolved over the last seven years a timeline can be viewed on the Future Mole Valley page of this website. To delve into the underlying policy documents and supporting evidence you are encouraged to visit the Future Mole Valley website, a site maintained by MVDC.

Update : 3rd April 2024 – When Buckland Parish Council considered the consultation documents, Council decided to submit a response drafted to be consistent with the response submitted on 5th November 2021 in response to the Regulation 19 Consultation.

A copy of Council’s response is available to download.