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One World Group

Buckland One World Group was established by Canon Montague, in 1979. Canon Montague, who was Rector at that time, took care to ensure the group was set up as a village concern with two main purposes:

Our core charity is Money for Madagascar, a small and highly productive charity, that was established just over 30 years ago and spends 96% of its income on supporting the people of one of the poorest countries in the world.

The charity aims to enable Malagasy people to deal with the social, economic and environmental challenges facing their country. Since 1986 the charity has collected and transferred more than £2 million to support projects in Madagascar. Projects funded by Money for Madagascar focus on conservation, sustainable development, public health, supporting vulnerable children and young people, cyclone relief and education.

The principal beneficiaries are destitute children, vulnerable young women and girls, young people with physical or learning difficulties, impoverished families and communities living in or around ecological hotspots. Click Money for Madagascar for more information about this wonderful charity.

Buckland One World Group holds three or four meetings a year and thanks to the generosity of those attending has been able to donate thousands of pounds to help fund charitable work. 

Details for any events we have planned can be found by visiting the Village Events Calendar.

For more information about Buckland One World Group please contact Meike Laurenson on 01737 248909.