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Roadworks in my area

It can seem that in whichever direction you choose to travel you will encounter roadworks on our local highways and sometimes the advance warning notices that appear alongside the roads do not always give as much information as would be ideal.

You can find out what Highways works are happening in your area here:

Roadworks Map – When works are ready to be delivered on a highway in Surrey and SCC Highways has granted a road permit the work is logged onto the Council’s road works map. Emergency works are included within 2 hours of them being logged with Surrey County Council. You can view planned work and sign up to alerts at SCC Roadworks in my Area. Bear in mind that the start and end date on a road permit do not necessarily predict how long the roadworks will last. If the work is completed before the permit the obstruction may have been removed (despite the permit still appearing on the map) and if the contractors need longer the term of the permit may be extended or a new permit be granted.

One.network – This is the public website that you access via the SCC website. One.network

SCC Highways Newsletter – You can also sign up to receive a resident’s newsletter (launched January 2024). The newsletter includes a link to upcoming works on the network within each borough/district.

When National Highways contractors complete roadworks that close sections of the M25 or M23 satellite navigation systems do seem to direct drivers along the A25.  If diversion signs appear alongside the A25 and you cannot find any details of planned roadworks via the links above try clicking National Highways.

Winter Maintenance Programme
Find out about the SCC Highways Winter Service – salting programme and where the maintained grit bins are on the Winter Service map