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Pebblecoombe WI

If you are ever in Church Street, Betchworth at 7.45pm on the 1st Thursday on each month, you will find a group of ladies coming to the Hamilton Room for the Pebblecoombe WI meeting.

We are a friendly group, part of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes, known for their campaigns on Clean Water, protesting on Violence Against Girls and Women and other resolutions, voted on each year. We have interesting discussions, speakers on subjects as varied as The History of Cheese, and Spring planting, and also craft evenings.

Annual meetings held by Surrey Federation take place in Dorking Halls, when we hear of activities open to all members involving sports, visits to theatres, cookery and craft courses. We welcome all visitors, who often become members, so come and give us a try.

2024 dates are as follows:
4th January, 1st February, 7th March, 4th April, 2nd May, 6th June, 4th July, 1st August, 5th September, 3rd October,
7th November and 5th December.

Meet at 7.45pm on the 1st Thursday each month in The Hamilton Room, Church St, Betchworth RH3 7DN

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Margaret Miller. Either email Margaret or call 01737 842098.