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Thames Water: Our Waste Water Company

Buckland is provided with sewerage services by Thames Water and the charges levied are included within the bills issued by SES Water (“SES”).

The Environment Agency asks you to call their 24 hr incident hotline on 0800 807060 if you are concerned a local watercourse is at risk from a sewerage problem.

Sewerage Problems

If you wish to report a sewerage problem to Thames Water please call the 24-hour Customer Centre on 0800 316 9800 or submit a report via the Thames Water website.

Thames Water is asking all its customers to “Do the right thing now and avoid a nasty surprise”  in support of the company’s efforts to minimise sewerage problems.  To learn more click – Become an everyday sewer hero.

Surface Water rebate from Thames Water – could you secure a reduction in your bill?

Surface water is rainwater that falls on to your property and runs via guttering and drainpipes into the public sewer, or water that enters the sewer from activities such as car washing.

If all the surface water falling on your property drains into a soakaway, watercourse, stream or river you may be eligible for a “surface water rebate”.

If you are receiving the rebate already, you will see “Surface water rebate” printed on your bill.  If you wish to claim a rebate to be taken to Thames Water’s website.  Please note that claims must be submitted via the website or in writing and that the rebate will not be backdated beyond the start of the billing year (1st April) – in which it is submitted.

For more information visit the Thames Water website.