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Buckland Village Charity

A Brief Introduction to our Village Charity

The income of our Village Charity (formerly registered with the Charities Commission as Buckland Parochial Charity) is made up of a right to receive a yearly grant from the Trustees of the General Charity of Henry Smith (Worth Estate) together with any income it is able to earn on its capital. 

The income of our Charity can only be applied to relieve a need of someone living within the parish boundary as it was defined in 1889.  As it can be challenging to identify those that are in need, please do contact the Clerk or one of the Trustees if you become aware of any situation where it might be possible for the charity to help, whether by providing support through a financial donation or by paying for items, services or facilities in order to reduce the need, hardship or financial distress of a Buckland resident.

Our Parish Council is responsible for nominating four Trustees for the Village Charity; the current Trustees are Liz Vahey (Chair), Martin Boyce, Debbie Jones (Clerk) and Amanda Oakes-Smith. The Trustees meet several times a year to discuss any needs that have come to light and to agree distributions.  There were distributions throughout 2023 to a number of Buckland residents and some one-off donations, principally to assist with utility bills and food.

To contact the charity please contact Debbie Jones on call Debbie on 07701 347351.

If you are interested to learn a little more about the history of our village charity please refer to A Brief History of our Village Charity.