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Oak Processionary Moth

The oak processionary moth is a pest that has been found in Surrey.

The caterpillar lives on oak trees and poses a risk to human and animal health.   Between May to July is the greatest risk period, this is when the caterpillars are most numerous and are active around the tree or on the ground.  

The caterpillars tiny hairs contain a protein which can cause itchy skin rashes and less frequently, eye and throat irritations and breathing difficulties in people and animals.   Pets are also affected and must be kept away from the nests and caterpillars.  

If you do come into contact with the larvae or caterpillars by accident, please follow the health advice on the NHS website  

All sightings of the oak processionary moth should be reported to the Forestry Commission immediately.  

Visit the Surrey County Council (SCC) website for more information and advice about the Oak processionary moth.

Alert issued by SCC on Sunday 9th June 2024