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Ironing for Buckland and surrounding areas

Keep your Ironing Straight

I live in Buckland and have been running my own ironing business for almost 20 years and am proud to be able to say that some of my customers have been with me all that time. I keep my customer list quite small so that I can do all the work myself, ensuring everything is ironed to a high standard.  My service includes collection and delivery which is all part of the friendly and personal service I offer to all my customers. 

Covid-19 has meant that many people who used to commute and relied on me for their daily shirts are now working from home, so the demand for beautifully ironed shirts has declined, I am therefore in the unusual situation of being able to take on some new customers. No ironing task is too big or small, clothing, bedding, etc. all undertaken, either one-offs to get you up straight or regular collections.

Mandy Cooper

Call Mandy on 07590 513366 or send Mandy an email